Mythbusters: Stori Anne Co. Edition

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Mythbusters: Stori Anne Co. Edition

Stori Anne Edition

In a perfect world, we would have so many of these blog posts but we just have let this summer get away from us! Today is a new day and here is a new blog post for you all to enjoy! This is all about myths that we’re debunking! Get ready for a heaping load of truth coming at you!

Myth #1: I’m too short to wear a maxi.

Truth: We hear this one a lot! Our maxis come in all sorts of lengths so it is difficult to cast this net over all of the fabulous maxis we have. It’s true, there may be some that are too long. There are maxis that are too long for Nikki and she wears heels pretty constantly, but they are definitely worth a try! Jenna is 5’2” and regularly wears the the pajama-esque feeling item that is disguised as the fabulous, floor-length dress! Give it a try! I guarantee you’ll look and feel like a goddess!

Myth #2: I’m a mom…I can’t wear that.

Truth: We get it - being a mom is rough! There are many days we leave with our black maxi covered in peanut butter…or vomit (awesome isn’t it?!) and own the day! We did give those little nuggets nine months of free rent to go wherever we went but it’s our time to be back to who we were prior to those little blessings hopping on for a ride! Being a mom is a fabulous ride and why not be well-dressed for the event! The truth of the matter is, being a mom rocks but it’s hard and if I’m not paying attention, I won’t have changed out of the same yoga pants for three days and the ends of my hair are sticking together with some unknown substance from one of my kids lunch time. Getting ready every day and wrangling the cats that I call my children is part of my day and I feel good when I’m all ready for the day! Don’t get me wrong, I do spend some time in some yoga pants or some athleisure that I have zero intention of wearing to any gym setting and I make no apologies. I’m not saying get in a full face of makeup and get ready every single day - NOPE - but don’t feel like you have to “hang it up” because you’re a mom. You’re super fabulous and there’s nothing wrong with looking the part!

Myth #3: I have no place to wear that.

Truth: It’s true…I do tend to be the most overdressed for whatever event I’m attending but why not?! We show up to barbecue’s with maxi dresses on, dinners with sun dresses, and I play at the park with a tunic and leggings. If you love it and you don’t have an “event” to wear it to, make an event! “Honey, we’re going to dinner and we’re dressing up” —done! We hear plenty of women who buy a necklace or buy a pair of shoes and say they need a dress to go with their new purchase. It’s just like that! Buy the dress and make an event to go with it. Fabulous excuse for a date night!

Myth #4: I’m too _______ for leggings.

Truth: You’re wrong. Everyone can wear leggings! We have so many different body types, ages, and personalities that walk through this door and laugh at me when I say “one size” for our fabulous leggings! Give them a try! If they’re not your cup of tea, that’s totally fine but don’t ever feel like you’re too anything for anything!

Myth #5: Stori Anne is just for young/little girls.

Truth: We have customers that range from teenagers to women that are 70 years young! We pride ourselves in dressing entire families and really try to keep our style one that works for all sorts of different styles, body types, and ages. We won’t always please EVERYONE but we sure do try!

Our best advice is always to try it! There’s no shame in trying any style, piece of clothing, or trend! We have eight fitting rooms that are perfect for such an activity! We are always here for advice and an honest opinion as you give something a try. If you need a best friend for the moment, we’re your girls!

This article is, of course, just reminding you ladies that you're all incredibly fabulous and LOOK fabulous in anything you would want to try! We always admit that we're horrible sales people so we're always here to tell you if it's not something we're loving as well. Continue being fabulous, ladies!

XOXO, Jenna + Nikki


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